Are you eligible for the Exercise Treatment Program?

Are you aged 60 or over?

Or are you Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander aged 45 or over?

Are you at risk of developing or have a chronic health condition?

Do you reside in North West Tasmania?

Exercise Treatment Program - What you should expect?

The Exercise Treatment Program is a free group exercise service for older residents of North West Tasmania. The Exercise Treatment Program is:

  • 14 weeks in length - including an initial and final assessment and 12 weekly exercise and education sessions

  • Locations for the program are scattered across NW Tasmania - so you won't have to travel far to be able to participate. Programs will be offered in: King island, West Coast, Circular Head, Wynyard/Waratah, Burnie, Central Coast, Devonport, Latrobe and Kentish.

  • Available by Video/Telehealth as well as Face-to-face

  • Completely free

  • Sessions are run by qualified health professionals such as Physiotherapists and Accredited Exercise Physiologists

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